“We learned to built Tiny Houses in California, and were one of the ground layers to the Tiny House Movement in Belgium”

Louis first Tiny House build in Northern California (2014)

Louis first Tiny House build in Northern California (2014)

Where it started

Louis’s personal Tiny House Story starts back in 2014. He had a dream, a dream to go to the United States. And while he had been there once before, he’d never really spend time there. So in 2015, a few months after his first ever trip to the United States (NYC specifically), He found people in The Netherlands who were kind enough to let him stay with them in their second home in Northern-California, in exchange for building them a Tiny House.

Louis had never heard about Tiny Houses, but he did have six years of experience in building sheds, carports, furniture, home-renovations… So when Louis turned 17 years old, he traveled to California and successfully converted an RV to a Tiny Home.


Tiny House Belgium

Louis’s Tiny House (2015)

Louis’s Tiny House (2015)

After Louis’s return to his homecountry, Belgium, Louis started his own Tiny House build. After tasting the freedom of living away from his parents, there was no going back ;). So Together with his cousin, Reinout, he built another Tiny Home in the backyard of Reinout’s brother, Evert.

While building his own Tiny House, he learned more and more about the ‘Tiny House Movement’ which is about so much more than cute little houses on wheels. It’s about living more freely, no mortgages, no staying in a job you hate, and not being tight down to a physical location (It’s literally on wheels). That’s when Louis decided to take a leap. In University at the time, Louis dropped out and started his own Tiny House construction business, Tiny House Belgium, which is still up and running today, lead by Arno Geunes.


What we do today


More… What we loved the most about Tiny Houses is its innovative nature. And that’s what we do, innovating. We’re just starting, but this Library house (picture on the left) is a good example of what we are trying to move towards.

We want to lead innovation in the wood-construction industry on two domains:

  1. The way we can rethink how we utilize spaces. (Like tiny homes, a library house, community buildings, coliving spaces, etc).

  2. What building methodes we use (Like experimenting with CLT {Cross Laminated Timber}, prefabrication, bigger wood constructions {mid to high-rise buildings} and more.