“Building the bridge from Social Isolation to a Diverse Community”

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You might have heard about Cohousing before, where people make a conscious decision to ‘share resources’ among neighbors. Coliving is a very similar concept, it just takes Cohousing to the next level.

Often, Cohousing projects are owned by multiple private owners who own their own house on a bigger piece of property and share certain resources, sometimes even community buildings, with others.

In Coliving (which often comes in different shapes and forms), a company or 3rd party owns a house, or houses, and rents them out to tenants. So you share a house with multiple people, but non of these people own the property or anything in it. They pay for access. On top of that, these coliving companies take care of everything, furniture, maintenance, pots, plates, utensils, weekly or by-weekly cleaning, community events and more.

After accidentally rolling into this lifestyle in New York City, and staying in a Coliving space for nearly two years, it wasn’t a stretch for our founder Louis to see the similarities with the Tiny House world. As Louis explains, both the Tiny House movement as the Coliving revolution have one thing in common: It buys you freedom, just in very different ways. Housing is too expansive, especially in US cities, that’s just a fact. And there are really only 2 things we can start doing about that:

  1. We go live in smaller spaces = less expansive to build (hanse, Tiny Houses)

  2. We share more spaces = splitting the costs (Coliving)


My fear of isolation in a Tiny House world = why I believe in Coliving

Social isolation is a massive problem everywhere in the Western world. The stronger our world connects digitally, the harder it becomes to connect with people in person. It is hard to see how living in a Tiny space far away from others is going to help us fix this problem, which is why Louis believes hard in Coliving. Living together with someone is one of the most intimate relationships you can have with another human being. There is no hiding yourself from the outside world anymore. Even if you try, you’l have to give up a few months in and the only thing that’s left is you.

However uncomfortable it might get, which can definitely happen if you live together with 15 other ‘strangers’, it can fix so many problems just to hear and see other people’s perspective on life, or what’s happening in the world. Coliving has the possibility to make society a better place, and we want to support that by designing and building Coliving buildings all around the world, using sustainable materials. In our case, wood :)