Our 5 Values

  1. International from day 0

    We want our structures to bring countries together by continuously pushing the limits of what’s possible in our current political landscape. Too often, we are shown a message that the glory days of Europe and America are over, with Brexit above our heads, more and more countries leaning far right, pushing fragmentation and alienation. 

    We aim to prove the opposite. We want to share how so many of our wants, needs and desires are exactly the same across borders and share stories of people and cultures all over the western world. 

  2. Unexpected

    We want to create wonder. We want to build structures that inspire and tickle your imagination by building things you didn’t know could be build. We want to ADD beauty to this world by building structures that look just that little bit different than what we’re used to.

  3. Natural materials

    Whatever we build today, or end up building in the future, our love for natural materials, especially wood, will always be prominent. Most of us are surrounded by concrete, steel and unhealthy construction materials everywhere and we want to offset that prominence with more natural, healthy, environmentally friendly materials and building methods.

  4. Building infrastructure to facilitate the offline

    We live in a digital age, which is awesome! But we also fundamentally crave Offline connectivity. In Urbanology, we talk about 3 types of spaces: 1. Your Home; 2. The Workspace; 3. Every other space (schools, libraries, parks, malls, etc.) We like to contribute to the 3rd, creating physical spaces that blend the 3 spaces together. After our CEO Louis De Keyser spent the best part of his teenage life in New York City, he got to know that power of connection in 3rd spaces first handedly and he made it his mission to bring more of those places to the world with LDK Woodworks and other coliving and urban related projects which we’ll talk more about in the near future. 

  5. We only do the things we love

    We’re building a team of professionals that are excited to do what they do. Our goal is to build a workspace of passionate, talented people here in Belgium and abroad to help us make this world better connected and prettier than the way we found it in.

Feels like working with/for us? Don’t hesitate to say hi 👋