Our Vision

What we do Today


LDK WOODWORKS is a Construction service that focuses on wood construction. From sheds, annexes, cabins to full-on buildings.

We aim to progress towards ‘unusual’ wood constructions, meaning (1) experimenting with different construction methods (CLT, Prefab construction, post framing) and (2) building ‘atypical’ structures that inspire the people who use, experience them. 

We offer these services in rural (cabins, tiny homes, treehouses, etc) and urban areas (studios, pavilions, park buildings, etc) around Europe.


What we want to do Tomorrow


LDK WOODWORKS wants to promote wood construction in urban areas. It is a faster, more efficient, less noisy, more precise and more cost effective way of building that we know will make a big comeback in the next decade. 

At this point, we want to lay our focus on residential and office construction for buildings up to 3 stories. This is a shift that could happen fairly soon, as we do have experience in traditional wood framing of residential buildings for over 3 years, working for other companies as subcontractors. 


What we want to do the day after Tomorrow

My personal goal in life is to build a wooden skyscraper in NYC. Everything we do today is meant to prepare us for this massive endeavor. 


Our Side-Hustles 

The LDK Woodworks online store 

On the store, we want to standardize the structures clients are asking us to build for them, thereby making them more affordable and accessible.